Jelena Belous, Unclear

  • art store Jelena Belous; Unclear
  • art store Jelena Belous; Unclear


Jelena Belous


Reference Nr. 615


Size: 120 W x 80 H cm

3000.00 €





art description

A situation, a feeling, or a person being the centre of our attention and absorbing our thoughts. For instance, we meet a person, and we have some premonition – a feeling that we cannot explain to ourselves because we have not been able to fully understand it yet. Or when there is a question to which we are seeking an answer, that despite our best efforts and concentration, is still elusive. Perhaps we do not understand how to approach the situation. The object in the centre of the photo represents these unclear questions or feelings.


Available in 2 sizes:
Limited edition of 10 copies in 50 x 75 cm - 1.800,00€
Limited edition of 10 copies in 80 x 120 cm - 3.000,00€


Ships rolled in a tube. Delivery Cost is included. If you want the artwork to be framed it may be agreed additionally.

  • Type of goodsoriginal
  • Deliveryincluded in the price
  • Framewithout frame
  • Styleabstract
  • Subjectswater
  • Materialspaper

Artist Jelena Belous