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  • Who selects artists and other authors for posting on ArtAlea?

    Only ArtAlea team takes part in the selection of participants for placement on the portal. We carefully collect and post information on the portal pages by ourselves.

  • Are only recognized masters exhibited on the portal?

    ArtAlea is open for cooperation with both recognized masters and emerging stars. The main criteria in the selection of masters are individual emphasis in creativity, hard work, active position and excellent relevant education.

  • How will I receive my purchase?

    Delivery methods:

    • a buyer can pick up a purchase himself by agreeing with us on a specific place and time;
    • by post service;
    • by courier to the address specified by a buyer.

    Choose the most convenient delivery method in the Cart, when placing an order and indicate the delivery address and other details important for delivery.
    We entrust all deliveries only to professional postal or courier providers, which guarantees security and confidentiality of delivery.
    For information on order fulfilment and delivery procedures, as well as delivery terms and conditions, please read the ArtAlea delivery terms.