Jelena Belous

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Jelena Belous


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everything that one perceives reflects themselves.


Jelena Belous is a marine photographer from Riga.

From a family of seafarers, Jelena has been immersed in the marine environment since childhood. The water element has always been somewhat nearby. In search of her direction as a photo-artist, she turned to childhood memories and feelings, thus finding her place in art.

Jelena approaches the movement of water in different ways, forming varied textures and patterns. Thus, in her photographs, water is transformed into abstract paintings.

Her artwork is often dedicated to the theme of nature, landscape, water, and the human body. With the help of lines, forms, and textures, the author conveys mood, state of mind, character, profound feelings, and a deep connection with nature.



2016 – 2017 –


  • 2021 — Riga (Latvia), Digital Art House, solo exhibition “Flow of Life”

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Searenity   Unclear   Searching   Seaquence   Patience