About ArtAlea

ArtAlea is an art platform. Our main goal is to show that a good contemporary art can be an important part of your life. Our portal has been created to offer you the opportunity to buy contemporary art, which in the future will become an important contribution and will also help brighten up your interior. ArtAlea is important for those who want to bring out personality, good sense, goals and values.


What is ArtAlea?
ArtAlea is not a place, where you can buy the famous auction houses collections or the world-famous artist works. ArtAlea is a venue where you will find unique, compelling works of art created by professional artists, putting in  each work its own personality and style.


ArtAlea represents modern European professional painting, sculpture, graphics and photography. 


We guarantee that your work will be chosen exclusively for you.




ARTALEA is the path which we should go together: together with works of art and, together with the artists.


ART ALEA (lat .: art, fate)

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