Exhibition. Educing the Archetype

08.10.2020 - 26.10.2020, Rietumu bank Art Gallery, Vesatas street 7

About The Event

About The Event

The artist Dmitry Lavrentyev in the personal exhibition “Educing the Archetype” reflects to the mythical, archetypal and symbolic (“Phoenix,” “The Sad Lullaby”, “The Mysterious Bird”), including collective memory themes in the historical context (“What the fishermen of Liiv are quiet about”) and insight into biblical aspects of the world's creation approach (“Adam”, “Eve”), thus involving the viewer in the intensive dialogue by the strength of an artistic expression. Although thematic aspects are repeated many times, their value is reflected in the nuances of variations.


The artworks reflect a series of multi-layered elements and symbols, clues, inkling and points of contact, pointing to causation and making references to the interpretation of the archetypes by the founder of analytical psychology Carl Gustav Jung. The depiction of artworks features several universal images, motivations and combinations. The image of mother, in the form of Madonna, is found in the artwork “Nude”, the image of the child is depicted in the “Last Supper”, the notion of the shadows flashes in the artwork “The Lonely Tree”, while the archetype anima/animus, defined by Carl Gustav Jung, appears in “The Farewell” and the wise man's wisdom is recognized in the diptych “The Meeting.” They reveal the pursuits of the golden-era and ambivalent contrary distinctions: birth and death, happiness and affliction, good and evil, joy and pain.


Dmitry Lavrentyev's rousing themes addresses the controversial course of the past that over the years have been overgrown or mesmerised by mythological stories. The idea of the meaning and ritualizing of totems as a sort of therapy (“Totenkopf”) also resonates here. The artist's expanded vision provides an expansion of the world's origins, primitive faith, spiritual formation and maturation (“Silence”), intuition and notions, leaving open the question of desire fulfilment (“The Seabird”) and revival (“The Phoenix”).


Intense colour contrasts, strong lines and a vibrant touch are the constant hallmarks of artistic handwriting by Dmitry Lavrentyev. The trend of expressiveness, deformation, exaggeration and emphasis on conviction gives the artist's compositions a small dose of archaic expression and bravura openness, while his painting remains challenging, dramatic and surprising.



The exhibition “Archetype Extraction” is organized by the contemporary art platform ArtAlea.com in cooperation with Rietumu bank, will be held from October 8 till 26 in the Rietumu Bank Art Gallery.


Free entrance


Rietumu bank Art Gallery, Vesatas street 7, Riga, Latvia


Monday - Friday   9.30 am - 5.30 pm
Saturday               upon request
Saturday               closed

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Rietumu bank Art Gallery, Vesatas street 7, Riga, Latvia


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