Dmitrijs Lavrentjevs

Riga, Latvia / 1970–... Back
Dmitrijs Lavrentjevs


I want to leave the light after myself, so people would think where does it come from


Works of Dmitry Lavrentyev are individual. Whether it is painting, lithography, collage or sculpture – it is passionate impulsiveness and psychological tension fixation where intuition and the subconscious level is a primordial impulse, a mystical, magical power. Juicy, intense color contrasts, "ferocious" thick strokes and demonstratively sloppy, vibrating sharp line is important in his original style. Sometimes his characters are grotesque sometimes - spiritual, but always - surprisingly easy and ironic.


Autodidact, under the impact of St. Petersburg artists turned to painting.


Member of the Association of Latvian Artists since 1999.

Paintings are held in private collections in Russia, Latvia, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands, USA, Poland, Belgium, New Zealand, Denmark and Sweden.


Participates in exhibitions since 1995.


  • 2020 — Riga (Latvia), Rietumu bank Art Gallery, Vesatas street 7, solo exhibition Exhibition. Educing the Archetype
  • 2019 — Riga (Latvia), DOME SQUARE, Pils street 23 (Pils iela 23), group exhibition The Great Modernists
  • 2019 — Riga (Latvia), Museum LV un Grata JJ, solo exhibition The Equilibrium Time
  • 2017 — Riga (Latvia), Restaurant "Laivu centrs", private exposition
  • 2017 — Riga (Latvia), TAL RESIDENCE, Elizabetes street 39, group exhibition ArtAlea Code 2. On The Move
  • 2014 — Riga (Latvia), „The sounds of the Earth”, Andrejsala, Noliktava Nr.1, solo exhibition
  • 2014 — Daugavpils (Latvia), Mark Rothko art centre, "Venus Rising”, solo exhibition
  • 2013 — Vitebsk (Belarus), „Trinity”, Marc Chagall Museum, solo exhibition
  • 2012 — Vitebsk (Belarus), solo exhibition „Characters”, AU gallery, solo exhibition
  • 2011 — Riga (Latvia), solo exhibition “Untransparent objects in mirrors”, The Latvian National Museum of Art, solo exhibition
  • 2008 — Riga (Latvia), Gallery of the Latvian Artists' Union, solo exhibition The Letters of Maldoror
  • 2007 — Daugavpils (Latvia), solo exhibition „The Gates of the sun”, National Museum of Daugavpils, solo exhibition

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The Cradle   The circus   The Angel   Pink   Summer morning