Jelena Belous, Patience

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  • art store Jelena Belous; Patience
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Jelena Belous


Reference Nr. 612


Size: 150 W x 100 H cm

4000.00 €





art description

Sometimes nature can seem imperfect and cause some discomfort, and yet mother nature is always perfect with her authenticity.
The meaning of life seems to be rooted in contrasting difficult situations and their wonderful consequences. It is important to accept whatever happens.


The state conveyed by this image is connected with a long and beautiful story:
In the summer of 2019, a friend and I took to the coast, hoping to photograph the water. As we sat by the pier near the lighthouse taking on this gorgeous summer’s day, out of nowhere, we saw a wall of rain and a thunderstorm coming towards us from the city. Overtaken by fear, we rushed to the car to take cover but didn’t make it in time. As I stood dripping wet, the weather changed and I saw a small rainbow appear right under my feet and another big one in the sky. It’s impossible to convey my feelings. A mere moment ago, I feared being struck by lightning and now I’m overwhelmed by a childish innocence and joy as I try to jump on the rainbow.
As the rain receded, we walked to the lighthouse when once again we were engulfed by such rain as I had never encountered in my entire life. Without shelter, we were soaked to the bone, I experienced an incredibly satisfying sensation of adrenaline and euphoria – lightning, thunder, and the water wall around us.


And as soon as it started it seemed to pass with dark clouds dissipating, ships appearing on the horizon and the sun’s rays peeking out again as four beautiful swans majestically swam towards us. At that moment, it dawned on me how the most amazing things can happen in chance encounters when you can live in the moment and be present enough to enjoy them.
Patience is about that experience - the imperfection and beauty, the mystery of nature. I turned the photo upside down to show that not everything is as obvious as it seems. A thunderstorm can be scary, but when it passes, as it must, who knows what splendours await us on the other side.


Available in 2 sizes:
Limited edition of 10 copies in 50 x 75 cm - 1.800,00€
Limited edition of 5 copies in 100 x 150 cm - 4.000,00€


Ships rolled in a tube. Delivery Cost is included. If you want the artwork to be framed it may be agreed additionally.

  • Type of goodsoriginal
  • Deliveryincluded in the price
  • Framewithout frame
  • Styleabstract
  • Subjectswater
  • Materialspaper

Artist Jelena Belous