Jelena Belous, Liquid memory

  • art store Jelena Belous; Liquid memory
  • art store Jelena Belous; Liquid memory
  • art store Jelena Belous; Liquid memory

Liquid memory

Jelena Belous


Reference Nr. 608


Size: 120 W x 80 H cm

3000.00 €





art description

In terms of color, the three bands depict the enchanting cycle of life. The blue represents anticipation. The white the bright path of life as a whole, full of pleasant events. A moment of bright, vibrant life, replete with achievements and happiness. The black is the black sand, as a symbol of the foundation of a person, true essence, core strength. Water shapes stone as our experiences shape our character. And white bands on black are continuation and subsequent possibilities. The combination of the three bands determines our perception of reality. The form of one’s life is moulded by how a previous interaction shapes our perspective which in turn shapes how we anticipate and experience each new event and opportunities.


Available in 2 sizes:
Limited edition of 10 copies in 50 x 75 cm - 1.800,00€
Limited edition of 10 copies in 80 x 120 cm - 3.000,00€


Ships rolled in a tube. Delivery Cost is included. If you want the artwork to be framed it may be agreed additionally.

  • Type of goodsoriginal
  • Deliveryincluded in the price
  • Framewithout frame
  • Styleabstract
  • Subjectswater
  • Materialspaper

Artist Jelena Belous