Baiba Rēdere, In A Maze

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In A Maze

Baiba Rēdere


Reference Nr. 516


Size: 120 W x 120 H cm

1800.00 €





art description

I paint in the abstract, in the creative process I am always looking for something new, undiscovered. It doesn't seem interesting to me to cling to what I know. Each painting is a visually poetic journey between and through layers, allowing each viewer to dive into the world of their own imagination and see or feel what resonates in the language of their soul.


All of my paintings are about internal travel, even if they resemble abstract landscapes or satellite earth images. I try to understand the inner flows that alternate in me and in each of us. This journey can best be called life as such. The maze describes the twists and turns of life. The fog alternates with moments of clarity. A secret with revelations. You have to walk a lot, but in the end you come here - to the center of your heart, which gives You answers and where You meet what is greater than You. The little "I am" meets the big "I AM" .....

  • genreLANDSCAPE
  • styleabstract, modern
  • Executioncanvas, oil, mixed technique
  • Type of goodsoriginal
  • Deliveryincluded in the price
  • Framewithout frame

Artist Baiba Rēdere