Baiba Rēdere

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Baiba Rēdere


To be in the flow...


I paint, because this is the only way in which part of my soul can exist. It is like a meditation in which I approach the deepest layers of my soul, intuitively striving to reveal that which is impossible to depict. This is akin to a process of alchemy, which prompts me to search for gold, but essentially transforms my soul. For me, painting means not only delighting in my existence, but also in the joy of self-expression!

My art has an intuitive appeal; I don’t tell the viewer what to think and feel. I allow him to be! 
I paint in an abstract style, using acrylic layers, characterised by transparency, lightness, fluidity and gentle expression, which allow me to sense the presence of movement. 
My artistic language allows the viewer to immerse himself in a multi-layered world of characters and feelings and to sense his own personal inner journey. 




2017. April “BŪT PLŪSMĀ “ (“TO BE IN THE FLOW”), gallery “M Māksla”, Riga Plaza, Riga, Latvia

2012. April “ ALĶĪMIJA” (“ALCHEMY”), Kalnciema district art house, Riga, Latvia

2010. March-April, “IEELPA....IZELPA“ (BREATH IN… BREATH OUT…), gallery “Asūna”, Riga, Latvia

2008. August „ AIZ REDZAMĀ“ (“BEYOND THE VISIBLE”), gallery “BonhanS.S “, Riga, Latvia

2005. December “MAPPA MUNDI”, Mencendorf House, Riga, Latvia

2005. October “MAPPA MUNDI fragments” gallery “Apsīda”, Riga, Latvia

 In Latvia since 2002.

 2010. Brussels- Representation of Latvia to the European Union

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