Neonilla Medvedeva

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Neonilla Medvedeva


In the Latvian art space, Neonilla Medvedeva's creative work, the idea of conten ttransformation and visual performance has immediately gained the acceptance, recognition and appreciation of art experts.


Neonilla Medvedeva's artistic expression is characterized by both ink and charcoal drawings and oil paintings. By focusing on the genre of portraits, Neonilla Medvedeva creates images for the viewer that evoke reflections on the individual's vision of the past and future, permeated by an emotional line and a sense of experience.



2009-2011  — Master of Arts degree, Latvian Art Academy
2010-2011 —  Erasmus Program, Aristotele University, Thessaloniki, Greece


Neonilla Medvedeva is author of the crypt altarpiece in Sv. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Churche in Saldus (2008).


  • 2020 — Riga (Latvia), Art Space "Aminori", solo exhibition "Neostories"
  • 2019 — Riga (Latvia), Hall of the Latvian Academy of Arts, group exhibition “Value" - SEB Painting Exhibition
  • 2019 — Riga (Latvia), Art gallery "Māksla XO", solo exhibition "Études"
  • 2017 — Riga (Latvia), Riga Central Library, solo exhibition "Neonilla Medvedeva. Paintings" (together with Leonid Tugalev (photos))
  • 2013 — (Russia), International Art Salon „CDH-2013”, group exhibition "Process" - International exhibition of art communities
  • 2012 — (Italy), Saint-Vincent, "Saint-Vincent European Art", International Art exhibition
  • 2011 — (Greece), Thessaloniki, solo exhibition "Η Αλληγορία της Πραγματικότητας Καραολή"
  • 2010 — (Sweden), Quality Hotel Ekoxen, solo exhibition "Genesis"

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Let your hips be girded, and let your torches be burned   Unveiling of the monument   Krasotaju street yard. Portrait of Ginta   Asnate. Garage.