Art Exposition. Kado Karim "The art of living is living with art"

21.08.2018 - 21.08.2028, Kado Karim, Exclusive Building Complex, 4 Ikskiles street

About The Event

About The Event

R.EVOLUTION company creates a different sense of the quality of life, filling the houses with which we work with positive emotions and unforgettable moments of happiness. Life in art, life together with art in all its manifestations: architecture, sculpture, painting, furniture and interior items, music and smells. You can feel it if you honor us with your presence in the new KADO KARIM.


In the program: the laureate of the international competition, the incredible Jerzy Kedziora and his unique exhibition of sculptures, the Latvian artist Alexander Naumov, Diana Adamite, Svetlana Marta Linde, Maris Upzars, Ingus Krumins and Avtandil Ashvetia, the opening of an art gallery in the house “Kado Karim” accompanied by the inspiring “City Jazz Big Band"


Kado Karim, Exclusive Building Complex, 4 Ikskiles street, Jurmala, Latvia

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Kado Karim, Exclusive Building Complex, 4 Ikskiles street, Jurmala, Latvia

The exclusive building complex Kado Karim is a statement of sophisticated and bold taste. It is the opportunity to experience the perfect synergy of unique design and art every day.


The unique story of the project is coded in its title – “Kado Karim” translates as “Karim’s gift”, Cadeau [KA'DO:] means gift in French and the project designer Karim Rashid has given the project his name. Each design by Karim Rashid is unique and unrepeatable, specially created for a specific place having its own unique style.


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