Baiba Rēdere, High Tide and Low Tide

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High Tide and Low Tide

Baiba Rēdere


Reference Nr. 541


Size: 133 H x 169 W cm

2200.00 €





art description

Work from the exhibition "Hide Tide and Low Tide" The inspiration for this series was a trip to Morocco in 2018. and the encounter with the power and might of the Atlantic Ocean.


"I breathe, that's why I am." The air flows in and out of my body just like the tidal waters of the ocean, first inwards, forming a complex wave up and down from the solar plexus, then outwards, flowing from head to foot in a dune going far... ” — B. Redere

  • Framewithout frame
  • Deliveryincluded in the price
  • Type of goodsoriginal
  • Executionmixed technique, oil, canvas
  • stylemodern, expressionism, abstract
  • genreLANDSCAPE

Artist Baiba Rēdere