Baiba Rēdere, Cosmic Rendezvous

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Cosmic Rendezvous

Baiba Rēdere


Reference Nr. 540


Size: 110 H x 110 W cm

1750.00 €





art description

"With the muse, I symbolically climb the tail of a comet, and this journey is unpredictable - it reveals new ways of seeing. It reveals new horizons, new worlds, new wholes and galaxies, and I change this path, in contact with the creative, loving force that is a big part of the universe for me.


This work is quite dynamic, expansive. Something met, something exploded and something new emerged. It also happens when people experience a fateful encounter. Human beings in painting are very small as opposed to large processes that take place in the universe." — B. Redere

  • Framewithout frame
  • Deliveryincluded in the price
  • Type of goodsoriginal
  • Executionmixed technique, oil, canvas
  • stylemodern, expressionism, abstract
  • genreLANDSCAPE

Artist Baiba Rēdere