Karine Paronyanc, Tears For Unfulfilled Dreams

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Tears For Unfulfilled Dreams

Karine Paronyanc


Reference Nr. 536


Size: 200 W x 200 H cm

4500.00 €





art description

There are tears of joy, tears of delight, tears of hope, tears of happiness, and it is better to finish associative array at this point. But life is life, which means there are also tears of deep sorrow, tears of disappointment and tears of unfulfilled dreams…

"This is the most emotional and personal of my collections. And, perhaps, the most abstract. It has almost nothing that could connect it with a tangible world, just a bare emotion, acute experience and subtle psychological states. Transparent layers of glaze, fluid moving forms, split complex colour and shiny lacquered surfaces create a sensation of looking at the canvas through tears. " — K.Paronyanc



  • Executionoil, canvas
  • genreLANDSCAPE
  • styleabstract
  • Type of goodsoriginal
  • Deliveryincluded in the price
  • Framewithout frame