Karine Paronyanc, Puzurs II (Auseklis)

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Puzurs II (Auseklis)

Karine Paronyanc


Reference Nr. 535


Size: 170 W x 170 H cm

3400.00 €





art description

Floral wreath defines the backbone of composition. It symbolizes fertility of meadows, the Universe and a sign of Infinity and motion at the same time. Round form is ideal. Nature cycle is a continuous and dynamic motion. The wreath is also an indispensable symbol of St. John’s Eve, it is connected with nature and its rhythms and recurrence. 

There is a symbolic meaning to very detailed and meticulously chiseled motives of meadow flowers, which form the basis and background of a wreath. These are prototypes of fertility and continuity. Part of them is transparent and creates multilayered composition, rich in small details.

  • genreLANDSCAPE
  • styleabstract
  • Executioncanvas, oil
  • Type of goodsoriginal
  • Deliveryincluded in the price
  • Framewithout frame