Diāna Adamaite

Riga, Latvia / 1981–... Back




I work intuitively and meditatively, playing with colors that make together an abstract form. Sometimes it seems that it is the same color game that gets through me on the canvas, the game, which logically is impossible to explain, but there is no need to do it, because my paintings are more emotional rather than the logical.


2011 'ZOO' Latvian Artists Union Gallery
2009 Theatre du Grand Rond Toulouse
2008 Galerie Atelier Haus Friesenstraße, Bremen
2006 "Telpas formula" Carousel Gallery, Riga
2005 "Absurdā formula" gallery Bastejs, Riga
2005 Latvian Embassy in Vienna


2014 "Grafikas", Riga Art Space
2012 "Viņš nemeklē patiesību, viņš grib iespaidot", Riga Art Space
2011 International Art Salon "Mākslinieks un pilsēta", Central House of Artists, Moscow
2010 "Pilsētasbērni", exhibition hall Arsenals
"A smiling lady on a tiger", Städtische Galerie Bremen
"Es mirstu (Es dzīvoju)" VEF Art Centre "Experimental Station Laimdota" Cesis
"Shunt" Riga Art Space
2009 "Brīnišķīgais ceļojums" factory VEF, Riga



2008 JCE residence Monrūža, France
Bremen City artists' residence, Germany
2007 Arctic Arts Week, Finland
Art Academy of Latvia and Riga City Council V. Purvītis prize in visual arts, Latvia
Bremen Artists Union of residence, Germany
Project "Ettonante Lettonie" in Saint-Etienne, France
2004 Prof. Indulis Zarins scholarship in painting, Latvia
Art project "Perception and Imagination" Salzgitter-Bad, Germany
International Art Symposium Umbusi, Estonia
Symposium "From Masaccio to Marina" in Florence, Italy



  • 2017 — Riga (Latvia), Latvijas pasta banka, Brīvības street 54, solo exhibition Metafora + LN336
  • 2013 — Riga (Latvia), Riga Art Space, solo exhibition Right away


  • 2009 — Cite des Arts rezidence, Paris, France

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