Ērika Kumerova

Jurmala, Latvia / 1973–... Back


Intuitive experience


Erica Kumerova (Ērika Kumerova) paints intuitively, and indulge herself in feelings. Work itself carries her forward, and at some point reveals the final result as the miracle. Her experience is based in studies of nature that are very important in the process of painting. The artist says: "I am pleased if my work is a sense, harmony, dynamics, surprise, serenity and joy. I do not like to provoke or shock. I'm talking about the human inner being, not about social problems."


  • 2019 — Riga (Latvia), VEF Palace of Culture, solo exhibition Sazīmes
  • 2018 — Riga (Latvia), Art Gallery Museum LV, solo exhibition Audekla vēstules
  • 2018 — Jurmala (Latvia), Jurmala City Museum, group exhibition The Identity
  • 2018 — Riga (Latvia), The Dailes Theater, group exhibition The painting of 2017
  • 2017 — (Latvia), The Bauska Museum, solo exhibition Intuitīvās spēles
  • 2017 — Jurmala (Latvia), Jurmala City Museum, group exhibition Jurmala Artists Group 40
  • 2016 — Vitebsk (Belarus), Vitebsk Museum, group exhibition Exhibition of Jurmala artists in Vitebsk
  • 2016 — Jurmala (Latvia), Jurmala City Museum, solo exhibition Intuitīvā pieredze
  • 2014 — Riga (Latvia), The Palace of culture Ziemeļblāzma, solo exhibition The oxygen cocktail


  • 1996 — The grant of Humboldt University, California, Arcata, USA

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Flowers communication   Rhythms of the evening   Birds' Way home   City motif   Backyard poppy field